SFCOMPY™ Offers a complete line of computer repair and IT service for both business (B2B) and personal clients. we service, maintains and repair - desktop and laptop computer includes

Any Windows PC desktop and laptop repairs ,any Apple Mac's computers, MacBook repairs, Mac Mini repairs, iMac reapirs and all iOS devices repairs , service and repair to any Linux computers and servers

we also provides service and repair for mobile devices: iPhone repairs and any iOS devices service, Android phones and devices service and repair such as Samsung, LG , Sony ... , We also can provide a bundle routine setup and maintenance services to all family personal or business computer , network and devices , security setup and configuration for network appliance and computer peripheral, SAS and online services support to assure fast and smooth daily work. We also provides a full line of service for Cloud and Virtual machines and appliances

We are here to help you!

If you need any IT assistance or you have any IT issue, Please visit our online HelpDesk and let us know by submit a short Request Service Form.
The HelpDesk is a complete ticketing and incident management system, so you can login at any time and check the status of your case, share more information if needed and track the issues

For Remote Assistant: Remote Support

You can join to the Remote Support Session only if you have been scheduled and received an email with the Session ID at the exact time and date
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Update: COVID-19

24/7 Urgent Support, available during non-working hours telecommunicate or we can pickup the device from client house (at SF only in this point)


Computer Repair & IT Services Workflow

We serve private, small and medium sized companies in all industries with high quality growth services follow by three steps as presented below

Step 1:
Contact Us

We are here to help you!

SFCOMPY™ recognizes that is important for you to have all your devices functional and up and running as quickly as possible.
Let us know what kind of service or repair you need
and SFCOMPY™ technicians will provide you an estimate about the service price, part cost and/or any other things to consider before we start to do the work, Some of our services are at a fixed price and others are at hourly rate.
Please Contact Us for more details Our goal is to make the repair affordable for you


On request, Urgent Service is available during non-working hours.


Step 2:
Four options to set up the service with us

Once you agree with SFCOMPY™ service estimation and cost, and based on the type of service and your preferences we can:

(1) Schedule an appointment to perform the service at your home or office

(2) Arrange a time to pickup the device by one of our SFCOMPY™ technicians, or

(3) Use one of the delivery services we work with.or

(4) Do a Secure Remote Assistant Service over the phone and the internet

Please note: All your computers, devices, and storage will be considered as having sensitive and confidential information and you will need to sign on the work agreement and terms and conditions. In most cases we will require you to perform a full backup prior to the delivery to us any of your computer or device for service


Step 3:
Work And Service

SFCOMPY™ will do the best to provide clear and accurate information about the work,parts and overall cost of the service
We provide the option to use high-quality new parts to repair or update your system, or, alternatively, more cost effective options.
In case if the estimate of repair is more than the value of the machine\device, we can provide advice and guidance about the best machine/device to purchase within your budget


SFCOMPY™ Services & Pricing

We've prepared pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. They're great for personal, small business, companies and organizations

Computer Hardware Install, Replace, Upgrade or Repair

Mac's, Windows, Chromebook or Linux machine Upgrade or Repair - Desktop, Laptop, Servers and Mobile devices,

start from $99
Fixed Rate, not include parts cost and Taxes


  • Hard Drive Upgrade or Replacement
  • Memory Replace or Upgrade
  • Screen Replacement - Broken or Cracked
  • Keyboards Repair or Replace
  • CPU Replace or Upgrade
  • PCI/ePci/GPU card Install/upgrade
  • Cooling System, heat sink, fan replacement
  • Battery or RTC Battery replacement
  • Cables replacement - sata, usb, display
  • Motherboard, Logicboard fix or replacement
  • Full System Diagnostic
  • Full System Build

System Recovery for Computer & Mobile Device

Fix any non hardware system issues - Macs, Windows, Chromebook or Linux machine. also for Mobile Devices Apple - iPhone,iPads, Any Android Samsung, Galaxy, LG, Sony...

start from $129
Fixed or Hourly Rate, not include parts cost and Taxes


  • Startup Crash
  • Hard drive or Internal storage malfunction
  • Virus/Malware Removal
  • Peripheral Malfunction
  • System Tuneup & Cleanup
  • Full System Diagnostic
  • Full System Backup
  • Reinstall the operation system or perform manufactory reset
  • Software Upgrade and Setup
  • system Security configure and user data protected
  • OS Upgrade failure

Best Value

Peripherals Install, Setup and Configure with your Computers & Devices

Connect with your Personal and Business Computers

Start from $59
Fixed or Hourly Rate, not include parts cost and Taxes


  • WiFi or USB Camera
  • Bluetooth or USB Mouse and Keyboards
  • PCI or ePCI cards extender for USB, Video, Audio IO...etc
  • Video cards (GPU) Installation and upgrades
  • External Storage Setup and Configure
  • Midi and Music Instrument
  • Mobile phone tablets Installation
  • Audio cards and speakers
  • Your Business Point of Sale(POS) and Credit card Reader
  • Video Projector and Multimedia systems

Network Install, Setup and Configure

At your Home and Office

Start From $129
Fixed or Hourly Rate, not include parts cost and Taxes


  • Full Home & Office network setup
  • Router – Install, replace, configure
  • Switch – Install, Replace
  • Security policy update
  • Mobile device network setup
  • Server, Media, Storage Appliance Install, Setup and Configure
  • Wireless extender installation & Configure
  • Internet modem and service installation: Cables, DSL
  • Install and configure Smart Speaker Devices such as Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Cortana

Security & Cyber Protection

Protect Your Computer & Mobile Devices From Viruses & Malware, Defend your personal and business against security threats

Start From $129
Fixed or Hourly Rate, not include parts cost and Taxes


  • Router Wifi security configure (password access)
  • Full network security and firewall configurations: restrict ports, services and ip’s, policies , users and alarms
  • Full device virus and malware scan and remove
  • Device configure for full security and privacy: desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • AntiVirus software Install/Remove
  • Add users and devices to your secure netwrok

Best Value

Software & Apps- Install, Setup and Configure

For Windows, Macs , Chromebook, Apple devices MacBooks iPhone iPad, Android devices Samsung, LG, Sony

Start From $129
Fixed or Hourly Rate, not include Software License, Subscription cost and Taxes


  • -Install and configure desktop/laptop application: MS office, Adobe, Accounting...etc
  • Install and configure Mobile application: Skype, WhatsApp, banks, utilities...any app
  • Upgrade or reinstall existing software
  • Backup Software and Application user data
  • Synchronize Software and application will all your devices and online services
  • Consultent - Help you to decide which software to purchase and install on a given computer or device
  • Complete remove or uninstall Software, Application and the related user data

SFCOMPY™ Bundle Services

We've prepared Bundle Services and Pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. They're great for Household and Small Business

Educators: Extra 10% off on Bundles Services

Best Value

SFCOMPY™ macOS Monterey upgrade Bundle Service

macOS Monterey Upgrade Bundle Service Include 4T External Hard Drive: 2nd Computer at 20% off

Protect your data and optimize your computer now!
start from $399
- 1(one) new 4T external HD
- 1 Computer Backup Service
- 1 hour Computer System Cleanup and Tuneup


  • Upgrade your personal or business Mac computers to macOS Monterey in the safest and optimal process. The macOS Monterey Upgrade Service is a complete solution to migrate your computer to the new and advanced macOS operating system. To create the best cost-effective solution for you - This macOS Monterey bundle service is combing two of the most popular SFCOMPY™ bundle services - The Backup and The Computer Cleanup & Tuneup Bundle Services

Best Value

SFCOMPY™ Tuneup Bundle Service

Computer Cleanup & Tuneup Bundle Service: 2nd device at 30% off

For all computer and devices: Mac's , Windows , iOS , Android , Chromebook and Linux

start from $129
1 hour computer or device cleanup & tuneup remote assistant service


  • Optimize your Computer & Mobile device to run at max performance, Disk cleanup from temporary and cashed files , disable startup process and unwanted services , tuneup applications and internet browsers

Best Value

SFCOMPY™ ssd upgrade Service

Laptop & Desktop SSD\HDD Upgrade Bundle Service

For all Laptops and Desktop that runs Windows , MacOS , Linux or Chrome OS

start from $259
1TB 2.5 Inch SATA III Internal SSD + One Hard Drive Clone service or a Fresh OS Installation Service


  • Bring your computer to max Hard-Drive Read/Write data rate when you upgrade from a spinning Hard-Drive(HDD) to a Solid State storage(SSD). In case that you need more storage then a speed, you can choose to upgrade to a bigger HDD which is the most cost effective solution per GiGa Byte of storage

Best Value

SFCOMPY™ Backup bundle 8T Seagate hub HD

Backup Bundle Service Include 8T external HD

Protect your data now!
start from $299
1 new Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB Desktop External HardDrive
1 hour remote assistant


  • Don't delay your backups - A complete solution that let you gain a full control on your personal and business data, Clear up any of yours worries regarding losing any of the information and data that is important to you, backup your computer and mobile devices to an external drive along side with your cloud backup

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